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What is On-page seo? how to do on webpage?

So in this post i am going to share all about On page seo. seo is most important thing to rank a blog in 2019.
after google algorithm updates, Content is only one thing which can rank your whole blog and blog posts.
So its very important to do on page seo on blog post.

This article will help you to do proper seo on website or web pages with free of cost.

What is the SEO?

SEO or Search engine optimization is a group of techniques that is very important to rank higher in google.
there are Thousands of websites available in internet related to your niche. then how google will rank up to your blog? SEO will help you to get higher rank in google so that more visitors come to your blog and you will earn lots of dollars. but how is this possible?
lets read below.

Types of SEO?
there are mainly 2 types of seo available..
1. On page seo
2. Off page seo

In this article we will discuss about On page seo.
so lets get started.

What is On page seo ?

the techniques, or group of strategies that is used while writing blog post.
on page seo is basically used in the pages of our blog or blog posts. So that google can understand and identify our blog more accurately.
Anyway What you need to do?
follow the steps given below.

1. Keyword Researching : Keyword research is the most important topic and it is the soul of a blog. because a good, awesome keyword can rank your blog without doing any off page seo.
So seach a keyword related to your niche, check its monthly search Volume, Competition, and Average CPC.

2. Use headings : use h2, h3, h4 html tag to apply heading in your blog post. dont use h2 tag more then 2 times. h1 already used by your theme so its not necessary to use another h1.

3. Use short URLs.

4. Link to your another related pages, post. with special and related anchor text.

5. Use outbound links.. link any other famous website like Wikipedia, quora in your blog post.

6. use bold, italic, underline tag to highlight your keywords and notes.

7. Write post with minimum words of 800.

8. Add proper and related images, videos, and Amazon affiliate links that also increase SERP.

So that was the best seo tips. hope you like this. thanks for visiting… in the next post we will discuss about off page seo.

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